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140 days ago

Hey #iMentor! Will your mentee be 18+ by the November 2022 election? If so, talk to them about the importance of vo… https://t.co/4fTr8nXUgE
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142 days ago

Mentoring is a worth-while commitment but many people are unsure where to start. This @Entrepreneur article lists f… https://t.co/tYgFEz7htd
147 days ago

We are pleased to announce @adammetauro as the new co-chair of the #iMentorNYC Young Executive Board. Adam has been… https://t.co/1tWUg7pwFF
148 days ago

Make an impact on young people in your community. Become a mentor and #champion a student toward their highest coll… https://t.co/1gaS1vwkys
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153 days ago

You're invited to the iMentor/Bronx High School Education Summit Virtual Webinar. This is a great opportunity for t… https://t.co/Y8bX8pn5xD
154 days ago

This #BizJournals article explains why mentorship today is crucial for fostering diverse leadership in the future,… https://t.co/HHiAqBxOUY
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160 days ago

Mentor Adam Metauri was recently spotlighted by @EYnews and shared what he’s learned from being a volunteer in iMen… https://t.co/YPjH3sLFT1
161 days ago

iMentor Bay Area is excited to kick off the year by reflecting and setting new goals with their high school seniors… https://t.co/PaZrRX5tb9
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163 days ago

How thoughtful is this? A few weeks ago, a fellow mentee from @OaklandUnityHS invited our Program Manager, Brennan… https://t.co/2aasOOfdMM
169 days ago

This Summer, iMentor was featured on #LinkNYC kiosks across the city to support our annual mentor recruitment campa… https://t.co/xTMEBwmIYm
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184 days ago

This #EquityCultureList recommendation from @TedTalk features Director for PACE mentoring at @txst Victoria Black.… https://t.co/2WDhRDM2c3
187 days ago

#Tellus Mentors, in what ways have you seen your mentee grow the most? ⬇️
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189 days ago

#EquityCultureList Mentorship is a science that has not been clearly defined. From this engaging talk you will walk… https://t.co/3b8jS1QUk5
190 days ago

By becoming a mentor, you are investing in young leaders. Manhattan Borough President, Mark Levine, shares his pers… https://t.co/9QvL2oX8oQ
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191 days ago

As a high school freshman, Ashlyn wanted to be matched with a mentor who was in business but also interested in the… https://t.co/WrnvFYPIjU
195 days ago

Follow four iMentor students from the same Brooklyn high school through the final months of senior year. As the stu… https://t.co/4m1T3E4ASK
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196 days ago

iMentor is excited to share that our CEO, Dr. Heather Wathington, has been selected as one of the inaugural members… https://t.co/AOLQTeku5P
197 days ago

Mentoring is a necessary tool to help the next generation of leaders thrive in our community through diversity, equ… https://t.co/ErzZS7KeDZ
198 days ago

We know that career success is not just a matter of hard work — it also includes good timing and help from our netw… https://t.co/riRUKpzl17
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201 days ago

“The impact of a mentor can be so powerful; it should go beyond the lucky ones that benefit.” Opportunity should n… https://t.co/nDesg0pG09
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