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19 days ago

Luisais is a junior at @huntercollege majoring in clinical psychology and minoring in women and gender studies, she… https://t.co/NoCPoHCSFA
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22 days ago

iMentor Chicago is excited to be a recipient of the @DoorDash Community Credits program! This partnership featuring… https://t.co/mRjB4wq0vf
24 days ago

iMentor serves students with a DEI-first mission. This year, we want to recruit 500 mentors—many of whom will be PO… https://t.co/x0EZCnaMF8
26 days ago

As #iMentorSeniors approach the end of their high school careers, some were inspired to highlight their experiences… https://t.co/IkjsFgQzjl
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29 days ago

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught teachers and students to be ready for unexpected change. This @Forbes article by… https://t.co/cXPfJlbiFM
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30 days ago

When Laura first met her mentor, Sonah Lee, she was a transfer student at Marble Hills High School. Today, Laura is… https://t.co/dPb4dslOVh
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31 days ago

#iMentorBaltimore needs 50 more women to volunteer with us this Fall! Ladies (21+), you’re invited to join for a v… https://t.co/gK1Vqz2ati
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32 days ago

Jorge of #iMentorChicago wrote his college essay on realizing the way he would like to shape his own future. Jorge… https://t.co/HxAi9KCoa9
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36 days ago

California is the first state to promise all public K-12 students free school meals. The universal school meals pro… https://t.co/cFF9j3LPNt
38 days ago

As a freshman, Ashlyn wanted to match with a mentor who was in business and interested in the creative world. Sharm… https://t.co/zbD5lraQRT
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43 days ago

@CAU and @SpelmanCollege are clearing students’ account balances from the last year in recognition of the difficul… https://t.co/ElLykNNoj9
45 days ago

As a #firstgenstudent, @JamesBreton_ said meeting his mentor, Kyle, was the first time he got to know someone who w… https://t.co/OZDe38by4n
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47 days ago

Shefali Jethmalani was a mentor to a student in the Bronx from 2008 - 2011. She has been working with… https://t.co/j9dKvIHqhZ
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50 days ago

Thank you @DubsCommunity for your ongoing support and partnership! 🙌🏾 We are thrilled to be recognized by the… https://t.co/UcouQoXIdR
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50 days ago

iMentor is honored to be one of many great organizations working to create more equitable spaces for young people o… https://t.co/2H7thvRwyp
50 days ago

iMentor is thrilled to be a recipient of the @NBAFoundation's third grant round! Their mission to reduce the persis… https://t.co/naP5ghbCWv
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52 days ago

Jada’s wasn’t the college freshman year she dreamed about—but that hasn’t deterred this @AmericanU student from wor… https://t.co/XnnOxMC19O
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54 days ago

Last week, iMentor announced the selection of our new CEO, Dr. Heather Wathington. Here Heather shares more with th… https://t.co/dJnm5HuMB8
58 days ago

Meet Brian Chao. Brian served as a mentor from 2005-2008, and after spending nearly a decade working abroad, he is… https://t.co/I6SsXVob9n
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68 days ago

I am thrilled to make more college and career ambitions come true for thousands of students with iMentor! Honored… https://t.co/KFeCvPIERl
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