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#BlackPhilanthropyMonth iMentor honors philanthropists like @philfitzgerald who invest in our work. We celebrate Ph… https://t.co/ymW6FIxmDU
1 day ago

Join iMentor NYC for a premier summer event hosted by Rich Bello and @arootahcoach on Wed 8/17. This remarkable ev… https://t.co/i6UgxFW4Ck
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1 day ago

Here Gregg Bishop, Executive Director of Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation's @socialjusticefd, expresses what he's lea… https://t.co/CCV8ZTK6Hc
2 days ago

We are thrilled to announce Scott Millstein as #iMentorNYC’s Executive Director! Scott brings over 20 years of non-… https://t.co/O01ohEQvpC
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3 days ago

In Hector and Altaf's story, both mentor and mentee share what they have gained from their mentoring relationship.… https://t.co/PFfb716HoI
4 days ago

Mentoring helps the next generation of leaders thrive in our community. Deputy Borough President, @EbonyYoung__, ch… https://t.co/ZobpaSZ9TE
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8 days ago

Mentoring is a hands-on form of career development. @Forbes lists three ways to make mentoring a fruitful tool. https://t.co/XexRKZInSM
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9 days ago

In many #mentoring relationships, small moments help build meaningful connections. Tell us about a moment with your… https://t.co/q4FBhIShSf
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10 days ago

How can mentorship help close equity gaps? In this #EquityCultureList recommendation, #DEI and mentorship expert J… https://t.co/3qlLAhci4q
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11 days ago

You have the skills and knowledge needed to be a great mentor! Take the next step and sign-up to learn more about m… https://t.co/BULZgcl53f
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17 days ago

Mentorship opens doors to opportunity. @MsPackyetti tells a moving story about her mentee, Clifton, being supported… https://t.co/WQHbqhdJZ1
19 days ago

There’s no better time to make a impact on young people in your community than now. Become a mentor and #champion a… https://t.co/fCuRTYk1Tz
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24 days ago

This #iMentorBayArea pair from Oakland Unity High School brought joy by creating a “secret” pair handshake! Moments… https://t.co/T3gAHpMcOC
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33 days ago

Impactful mentors give their mentees the space and tools they need to SHINE on their own! Share this with someone y… https://t.co/zH2s93UoSw
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37 days ago

This @RollingStone article by @GoldcrestPostNY expresses the way mentorship not only shapes young people, but also… https://t.co/hcbsSytKy5
44 days ago

"As you grow in your own career, you should make room for young people on the rise to gain from your leadership."… https://t.co/NxJAWGcdHB
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50 days ago

Kick off and kick back with #iMentorChicago for their first event of the year on June 28 11:30 am - 1:30pm! It’s a… https://t.co/deZeVXDvy9
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52 days ago

Thank you @rbccm for making us part of this year's #RBCCharityDayforTheKids benefiting youth-serving charities and… https://t.co/OlcPGjgtsY
52 days ago

iMentor is proud to partner with @mercycollege to launch the iMentor Scholars program at Mercy. The partnership wil… https://t.co/VIz3ILwwBF
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57 days ago

Congratulations, #Classof2022! You’ve worked so hard to reach graduation, and are moving on to bigger and brighter… https://t.co/L78VfPqJpE
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