For Parents & Guardians

iMentor is a mentoring program that matches every student in our partner schools with a volunteer mentor. We support students to help them get to college or another post-secondary option—and thrive once there. Since 1999, we have matched nearly 38,000 students with mentors.

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Safety is our top priority.

Each mentor goes through multiple screening processes.

We screen mentors through federal background checks, individual interviews, reference checks and trainings. Parents/guardians also complete a consent form that allows their child to participate in the program. Each pair will be directly supported by their iMentor program manager, who is responsible for ensuring all participants have a safe, fun and productive experience within the program.

The iMentor Program

In 11th grade, your child will:

  • Build a strong and trusting relationship with their mentor
  • Explore potential careers of interest
  • Learn about "fit factors" to look for in a college or in a professional pathway
  • Create a post-secondary options list that helps them build a vision of their future lives by comparing and contrasting a range of programs and institutions

In 12th grade, your child will:

  • Continue to strengthen their relationship with their mentor
  • Work on tasks for college or a career after high school, like applications for post-secondary programs and financial aid for those programs
  • Prepare for life after high school
  • Evaluate a best-fit post-secondary pathway and commit to one
  • Learn about our program after high school and hopefully continue to work with their mentor after they graduate

Explore our parent guide to mentorship. And the following guides to support your student while they are in iMentor: