iMentor matches every student in our partner high schools with a college-educated mentor—a personal champion to help them on their journey to college and career. You could be that champion.

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Meet Our Mentors

  • Chanel Dennis

    Chanel Dennis

    Mentor for 4 years
    New York, NY

    "Way back in 2012, when I had a tiny iPhone, but a big heart, I searched for a volunteer opportunity. I wanted to help young people, but I didn’t have many hours to give as a busy professional. Enter iMentor. They matched me with Paula, a great student, with endless potential. She was eligible to attend any top school. The only problem was that she wasn’t actively planning for her collegiate future. That changed as we worked together, and she is now a junior at Cornell University studying pre-medicine. She would likely never have applied to her dream school without my nudging, and I would never have met her without iMentor."

  • Alex Ryan

    Alex Ryan

    Mentor for 2 years
    New York, NY

    "I was intimidated when I started mentoring, doubting that I could bring much value to a high school student looking ahead to college. But by being a friend to my mentee Rasaiah, my view changed. Early on, he expressed his plan to study psychology in college. Throughout our match, I have helped him explore career options related to his interests—even arranging an internship for him at my company. Seeing him become more confident and focused has been an awesome experience. He’s starting to think bigger — about college, his career, and his future. In turn, Rasaiah has challenged me to think bigger about the world."

  • Merita Bushi

    Merita Bushi

    Mentor for 2 years
    Chicago, IL

    "It's important for me to give back as someone who was also a first-generation student. I didn’t have a mentor and it was very confusing. What keeps me motivated is that the contact is constant. You get to know a young person and be part of their life. I get to have a direct impact on my mentee’s future – we don’t always agree on everything – but together through our conversations we’re creating new knowledge and new perspectives that she wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. I don’t know of other opportunities that have that kind of impact."

  • Jason McGee

    Jason McGee

    Mentor for 2 years
    Chicago, IL

    "My mentoring experience has been very positive, and I have been so impressed by the organization. I didn’t really know much about iMentor when I signed up, but I knew they offered me an opportunity to make a difference in the community. iMentor's staff are professional and I appreciate how closely they coordinate with the school. From my observation, their events go off flawlessly and everyone has a good time. As a volunteer, I appreciate that I never feel like my time is wasted or taken for granted."

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