Central to our mission is a commitment to furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion for all our stakeholders, including students, mentors, and staff.

Equity &

We are committed to the collective work and intentional investment necessary to consistently move in the direction of educational equity and inclusion. We believe that people of all backgrounds deserve equal access to educational opportunities, and recognizing that our country’s history of racism and systemic oppression continues to drive educational disparities for students of color, we give special focus to addressing the economic and racial divides that impact the communities we serve.


Who We Are

At iMentor, people of color represent:


Equity Initiatives

  • Staff Training and Capacity Building

    Our Talent and Equity team leads DEI-focused workshops for staff on topics including Bias in Hiring, Inclusive Leadership, Decentering White Supremacy Culture, and Supporting Pairs through a DEI lens.

  • Affinity Groups

    iMentor Affinity Groups are staff-led communities that provide a safe space for people of similar backgrounds and interests to come together, raise awareness, support, share, explore freely, and build relationships. We currently have eight affinity groups, including the Latinx Profesionales, Black Men, and LGBTQI+ groups.

  • Mentor Education

    Our Mentor Education curriculum includes a focus on anti-racism in the mentoring relationships. Through this, we hope to cultivate and extend mentor understanding of issues of equity along racial and socioeconomic lines and how these elements interact to create an opportunity gap for our students.

  • Equity in Individual and Team Goals

    Staff members are required to infuse DEI into their personal and departmental priorities during our annual goal-setting process, allowing us to move beyond solely individual and interpersonal DEI learning and elevate the systemic work that needs to happen simultaneously.

  • Student Advisory Council

    The regional Student Advisory Councils provide an opportunity to elevate student voice across the organization and serve as a conduit for ideas and contributions to iMentor’s program for post-secondary success.

  • Inclusive Manager Trainings and Resources

    People managers play a key role in employee sense of belonging and satisfaction. To build the culture we aspire to, we must empower our leaders in managing and supporting teams effectively.