Annually, we measure the efficacy of our program through rigorous data collection and analysis. Our 2018 Impact Report presents a snapshot of the college outcomes our students are achieving.

2018 Impact Report

iMentor is tracking the long-term college outcomes of nearly 8,000 students nationally since 2009 as well as short-term outcomes that students and mentors are achieving each year.

Our students continue to outperform the best comparable peer groups in enrollment and completion, and they persist at similar rates to their peers.

College Outcomes

Graph of college outcomes comparing iMentor to the national average.

National Peer School Analysis

iMentor students are 80% more likely to complete college than their peers from similar high schools

33,035 students matched with mentors since 1999

9,009 mentoring pairs in 20 cities during the 2018–19 program year

Our Students and Mentors

We believe that all people deserve an equitable chance to pursue their ambitions. Our program builds authentic mentoring relationships across difference in order to bring greater equity to our students’ educational journeys.

  • 70% of students will be first-generation graduates

  • 94% of students identify as people of color

  • 88% of students’ families qualify for free and reduced lunch

  • 28% of mentors are first-generation college graduates

  • 42% of mentors identify as people of color

  • 100% of mentors have a college degree

It made a big difference to have someone believe in me so much. To have someone who understands what I’m going through and how to get to college. Jen showed me her full support. She let me know what her experience was like, and that was really helpful to me.

– Giselle, mentee, iMentor Bay Area

Strength of Relationship

The bond between mentors and mentees ensures that every student has a champion.

  • 92% of students trust their mentors
  • 91% of students are open and honest with their mentors
  • 90% of students feel their mentor is important to them
  • 90% of students are satisfied with their match
  • 84% of mentoring pairs developed study strategies to help improve academic performance
  • 87% of mentoring pairs researched potential colleges

Working with Andrew has been a growing experience. I spend much of my time trying to figure out how to help him avoid the pitfalls of my teenage years and find the best ways to advocate for and expose him to enriching opportunities. As a man of color, I believe it’s important for young men of color to see me doing something positive. I hope to inspire them to believe they can also be successful.

– John, mentor, iMentor Chicago

College Aspirations

The iMentor curriculum helps students understand the benefits of college and the importance of perparation in high school for post-secondary success.

Navigating the College Process

With the support of mentors, students work toward college success and plan to pursue their career aspirations.

  • 86% of students submitted FAFSA
  • 91% of students applied to at least one college
  • 90% of students who applied were accepted.

It’s funny to look back at my first messages with Jessica and remember how nervous I was. Now I look forward to seeing her. Right now we’re working on getting my grades higher, and soon we’re going to start planning for college. I want to be the first person in my family to go to college, and Jessica will be a big help. I’m glad I got over my nerves and gave her a chance.

— Ana, mentee, iMentor Partner Program
(Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Arizona)