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A good reminder here: You should still sound like YOU. #GSSummerSeries
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RT @CACeAdvisers: @getschooled A3: We recommend students have at least two other people review their essay. One should be a teacher/counsel…
3 minutes ago

RT @getschooled: A3: Students should take advantage of our free College Essay Review service! Students can submit their college essays and…
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RT @getschooled: A3: Students can get feedback from their school counselors, college counselors, teachers, or any other adult on campus. Th…
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A3: Students should leverage their networks! Can they get advice from a teacher, counselor, parent or friend? In ou…
7 minutes ago

RT @BetterMakeRoom: A2: College admission counselors look at your essays to learn more about you (outside of your accomplishments), your wr…
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RT @BestCollegesCom: A2: Are you ready for college-level work? Is the school/program a good fit for you and the experience you want to have…
13 minutes ago

A2: They are looking to get to know you, and to determine how well you'll fit in at their school. Don't forget to a…
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A2: Does the essay tell a story? Does it show how that story inspired you or changed you? Does it show how the stor…
17 minutes ago

RT @BetterMakeRoom: A1: Share YOUR story. You are unique and nobody else in this world has the same experiences, ideas, or life as you. Mak…
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RT @CommonApp: A1: (1/4) The essay is undoubtedly one of the most daunting aspects of any application. But it is also the most effective wa…
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A1: In short, students should tell their story, show their personality, and play up their strengths! #GSSummerSeries
23 minutes ago

A1: Your personal essay shows college admissions counselors who you are as a person, beyond transcripts, test score…
24 minutes ago

A1: College essays are opportunities for students to showcase their strengths, especially using strong personal nar…
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We are iMentor! We partner with high schools in low-income communities where most students will be first generation…
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RT @NorthGrandHS: Thank you @janicejackson! We are so very appreciative! NGHS will receive funding for case management and a full-time, ded…
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See you today, at 3pm EST!
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Congratulations to our friends at @citi!
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