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.@iMentor is matching college-educated professionals with underserved high school students to guide and mentor them… https://t.co/qkbBEneXty
8 days ago

Do you know this media mogul’s #mentorship story? #OprahWinfrey credits much of her success to the presence of stro… https://t.co/H1OmkjmZHI
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13 days ago

In this clip Brenda, an #iMentorAlumni, expresses how being a mentee inspired her to re-engage her community by bec… https://t.co/93GE3zdfcX
15 days ago

As the #iMentorCommunity continues to unfold the impact of mentoring relationships, it’s important to understand ho… https://t.co/Yxrau9qlOx
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17 days ago

This #NationalMentoringMonth, we will be recognizing mentors who are a part of the #iMentorCommunity. Thank you for… https://t.co/19agV0jhDJ
24 days ago

We’re incredibly thankful for those who enable us to offer critical support to our students. In 2022, we’ll continu… https://t.co/NPiBnVq8JL
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36 days ago

We are grateful for our amazing iMentor community members, who inspire us with their commitment to our mission, wor… https://t.co/UqFgGpav8z
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37 days ago

@usedgov will invest in opportunity during the new year with the Education Innovation and Research program. The EIR… https://t.co/ADMKuqShTN
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43 days ago

YOU can be a positive influencer and source of inspiration for someone who may be going through adversity. Kick off… https://t.co/2chbQLdReW
43 days ago

The #MentoringToolbox is a series about the pillars of mentoring. Whether you are thinking about becoming a mentor… https://t.co/fuHkzazBHG
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45 days ago

GM and welcome to day 1 of Causes Week! Today we will be highlighting Education, Children & Youth, and Arts & Cult… https://t.co/suuqkUUsn8
45 days ago

As we highlight #Education for Day 1 of Causes week, we'd like to share a special video from @RainnWilson 👀 Rainn… https://t.co/ja9hmac2iT
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45 days ago

Today, @TheGivingBlock is promoting nonprofits focused on education, children, and youth to crypto donors. To suppo… https://t.co/B8DqPiPbzr
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50 days ago

What’s your mentorship story? How has mentoring impacted the way you engage with your community? Christina, an… https://t.co/NnqmhahUdL
55 days ago

Read iMentor’s CEO, Dr. Heather Wathington, reflection on the recent trail verdicts in Kenosha, Wis., Charlottesvil… https://t.co/I6nc10W5ji
56 days ago

@iMentor @TheGivingBlock Love this, so glad iMentor has stepped into the crypto world.
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57 days ago

December marks the start of #BagSeason! We’re encouraging the crypto community to make an impact and receive major… https://t.co/jrg8zj9HOF
57 days ago

This #EquityCultureList recommendation from @tedtalk of Rita Pierson, a teacher for 40 years, is a call to educator… https://t.co/kJHX4PtgU8
58 days ago

This #GivingTuesday, we are highlighting how cryptocurrency holders can celebrate#CryptoGivingTuesday by supporting… https://t.co/9ADNkV52OV
66 days ago

The #iMentorCommunity is fueled by the ambitions of the students we support. Listen to James, an  #iMentorNYC alum… https://t.co/8PtGrBJTj4
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