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1 day ago

The #VoicesofiMentor video series highlights necessary conversations our staff have every day about education… https://t.co/Kd2SYWkHdj
1 day ago

We stand in solidarity with Black students, mentors and staff at iMentor, and we renew our commitment to creating a… https://t.co/cS1boLJQii
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4 days ago

“Whitney is such a role model for me... she’s not just a mentor or a friend—she’s a sister, and I have security kno… https://t.co/hgPTkOy9Fx
3 days ago

#MentoringToolbox is a new blog series about the nuts and bolts of mentoring! How can mentors develop strong relati… https://t.co/CvpIPbBAmy
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7 days ago

A leading MBA admissions advisory firm, @stacyblackman Consulting, is partnering with iMentor to share insights on… https://t.co/nXdv9kaOsB
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9 days ago

Over the past year, we have followed the lives of several iMentor students as they transitioned from high school to… https://t.co/lqyyFQTKjI
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11 days ago

@iMentor Thank you to my fellow @iMentor YEB members for your valiant and awe inspiring efforts during this year’s… https://t.co/vF21ATk2d5
11 days ago

Congratulations, Mentor Community! With your dedication, we were able to raise $500k in support student workshops,… https://t.co/1ChYK6267q
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14 days ago

When New York’s students succeed, we succeed. We must invest in #EdEquity if we’re to overcome longstanding dispari… https://t.co/ilkwUeqR8Y
15 days ago

Our #iMentorNYC Professional Pathway Fair event offered more than 100 attendees the opportunity to get involved wit… https://t.co/xCWowKvasj
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17 days ago

Jennifer Goersch, a mentor through #iMentorNYC partner @AlphaSights, reflected: "I've learned that it isn't always… https://t.co/VsyksnAI4n
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18 days ago

Mentoring does more than prepare students for their academic future. Mentoring supports students’ growth. NYC Mento… https://t.co/wCs8OWosC1
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21 days ago

Christina Schultz, an #iMentorBayArea volunteer reflected: “Knowing how integral having trusted advisers has been f… https://t.co/yUCxP4RX7Y
22 days ago

All month, mentors in Charm City have been generating excitement for the Baltimore iMentor Challenge. Read more abo… https://t.co/vgwu7x9ocW
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24 days ago

Chicago mentor Johannah explains how she is inspired by her mentee, Abby, and why she wants to keep introducing iMe… https://t.co/G5CuISuKnM
25 days ago

These are a few of the thousands of devoted mentors who are helping students achieve their highest ambitions. It’s… https://t.co/jkwUxzVwX2
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28 days ago

The Challenge is still on! Each year the #iMentorChallenge demonstrates the drive and dedication of our mentors who… https://t.co/lWHnwtOGR6
29 days ago

Logan, an @AlphaSights mentor, explained how working with his mentee, Joneury, has made him learn more about ways t… https://t.co/aXa0HBzNDU
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30 days ago

We prepared mentors on how to navigate tricky conversations around rejection letters, financial aid challenges, and… https://t.co/fD4sMP52jp
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32 days ago

This March, #iMentorBaltimore mentors took on the #iMentorChallenge and we’ve seen them rally their friends, famili… https://t.co/d3kNXqVeHb
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