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1 day ago

Join Executive Director of #iMentorNYC, Max Polaner, on Tuesday, Jan. 26th at 11am for a dialogue with other NYC y… https://t.co/IYhpBAp8un
2 days ago

An impactful story that serves as an inspiration to continue to build mentor-mentee relationships each day!🎓 https://t.co/35HgQ9ZyMY
2 days ago

In celebration of our Mentor Community during #NationalMentoringMonth, join our Mentoring Matters event on Facebook… https://t.co/wq0MhAQrQM
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3 days ago

Molly is the Chicago mentor of Leena, a first-year college student. When faced with the restrictions of the pandemi… https://t.co/XpkCi50HYo
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4 days ago

We’re moved and inspired by the words of 22-year-old @TheAmandaGorman on #InaugurationDay. She spoke the truth that… https://t.co/rYETXyArxi
5 days ago

Join our Executive Director and other NYC leaders on January 26 at 11 AM for a conversation on youth mentoring in t… https://t.co/1vPWNDwlcm
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4 days ago

On Inauguration Day, iMentor looks toward a hope filled future for students and the iMentor community. Together, we… https://t.co/DfpggxYyWb
9 days ago

10,000 iMentor students are on track to achieve their goals. Evan wants to make sure he gives back to the community… https://t.co/hRBn2dXh9l
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10 days ago

Sherman Reid, iMentorNYC, is inspired by the support mentors provide for young people. Read more about Sherman and… https://t.co/9md6stw2MC
11 days ago

To continue celebrating our Mentor Community during #NationalMentoringMonth, iMentor is excited to announce our Men… https://t.co/dwF8bD4NBk
12 days ago

Thanks, Matt for all your support for iMentor! You're doing great work and we appreciate your dedication to mentors… https://t.co/x7PPTMUH5I
12 days ago

Mentors make a difference every day. Like many other mentors, Shannon supported her mentee through the transition t… https://t.co/0KCnS6awYT
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13 days ago

10,000 iMentor students are on track to achieve their goals. Elizabeth wants to make things easier for her mentee s… https://t.co/0t61LtnmiN
16 days ago

Mentoring matters! This month, we're celebrating our volunteers like Mollie, a Chicago mentor who has been a suppor… https://t.co/GRf1YVqdCg
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17 days ago

For National Mentoring Month, we will be recognizing 10,000 mentors who are a part of the iMentor Community. Thank… https://t.co/DOTPVWTfiI
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18 days ago

Our @GRADcafe1 iMentor, GRAD Scholars, & Aspiring Young Adults have stories of inspiration. Coming soon are testimo… https://t.co/KqgXbdTtrH
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18 days ago

Join iMentor's Alumni LinkedIn Group! The group is open to former mentors and mentees in iMentor’s program. If that… https://t.co/dOtLLAJm0A
23 days ago

Mentorship doesn’t stop at graduation for iMentor PSP students like Emily (pictured). Our program managers are cont… https://t.co/9eOugowVKl
25 days ago

iMentor pairs have been able to gain insight and information from their program managers about professional pathway… https://t.co/dZDi2zrG2S
26 days ago

We are better and stronger together! Though the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to re-order our lives, we conti… https://t.co/kIkTyHOJ0V
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