Maisha Leek

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Maisha Leek

Chief Operating Officer

Maisha C. Leek, serves as the Chief Operating Officer at iMentor, overseeing finance, business development, operations, and product and engineering. With over a decade of experience in tech startups and a passion for educational equity, Maisha drives strategic initiatives at the intersection of technology, policy, and impact.

Before her role as COO at iMentor, Maisha was the Managing Director or operational lead at startups and venture studios, leading the launch and scale of those companies. Before a startup career, Ms. Leek worked in public affairs and public policy, as National Vice President, Government Relations at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and as chief of staff to a Member of Congress.

She is a graduate of Trinity College-Washington D.C. and the University of Pennsylvania. A former Trinity College (DC) trustee, Maisha is a board member of Service Year Alliance and (a Y-combinator company).