Meeting the Challenge, Supporting Our Students

In a year of unprecedented challenge for so many people around the country, the students that iMentor serves are likely to be hardest hit by the pandemic. And this year may be one of the most challenging years in our students’ lives.

In this video, Brianna, a mentee, shares how working in a nursing home during the pandemic—while still attending high school remotely—has tested her. Naz, a college student, talks to his mentor Khwaja about his worries for his father, who lost his job because of the economic downturn. A Bronx high school principal who saw his students traumatized by loss because of the pandemic explains what his seniors managed to achieve at the end of the year, and why that gives him hope.

Through the iMentor Collective Response Fund, we will provide support that will enable students to remain on track and achieve their aspirations.

We are refining our program and mobilizing thousands of mentors across the country. We will be adapting our program design, meeting urgent student needs, creating new mentoring relationships, and advancing racial equity. Learn more about why we are investing in four areas to meet the unique challenges of the year ahead.

Watch more videos to learn how losing work because of the pandemic affected one Bronx family, how iMentor helped solve one student's remote schooling woes, and how the pandemic has affected first-generation college students.