iMentor Collective Response Fund

In a time of immense challenge, we must come together to support iMentor students. Together, we can thrive in the year ahead.

The Challenge: Addressing Unprecedented Upheaval

Our Collective Response

The students that iMentor serves are likely to be the hardest hit by this crisis. They deserve the best supports possible to navigate this moment. With your help, we can have an outsized impact on our students´ ability to remain on track to achieve their aspirations. We need your support across four initiatives.

Adapting Our Program Design

  • Redesigned curriculum for remote learning
  • iMentor program via mobile app
  • Resources for students pursuing jobs after high school

Meeting Urgent Student Needs

  • Emergency funding for students and families
  • Local resources for social-emotional well-being

Creating New Mentoring Relationships

  • 2,000 new mentors in Baltimore, the Bay Area, Chicago, NYC
  • New tools to support virtual advising sessions

Advancing Racial Equity

  • Equity education program for mentors
  • Tools for dialogue about racial justice

Covid-19 Impact


43% of our students say at least one parent or guardian has lost their job or been laid off or furloughed since March

Educational Pathways

37% of our students now plan to enroll in a 2-year rather than 4-year college

Remote Learning

42% of our students say their ability to complete schoolwork has been negatively impacted

Mental Health

38% of our students say COVID-19 has had a negative impact on their psychological well-being

Our Community Now

A New York college student explains how losing work affected his family

A Chicago student overcomes an obstacle to remote learning

A principal shares how the pandemic compounds inequities

Why iMentor

iMentor has 2O years of experience utilizing technology to build high-impact mentoring relationships that help students succeed. Since 1999, we have matched nearly 36,OOO students with mentors.

The year ahead is likely to be one of the most challenging years in our students' lives.

That's why we must step up to meet our students' needs. The support we provide will enable them to remain on track and achieve their aspirations.