iMentor Celebrates National Volunteer Week

It’s National Volunteer Week! Thanks to our devoted volunteer mentors, iMentor can support thousands of students each year as they prepare for their postsecondary journeys. To celebrate National Volunteer Week, we’re recognizing our mentors for their dedication and the time they spend each and every day to build relationships with their mentees. Learn more about their experiences as some of our mentors share why they chose iMentor as the right opportunity for them!

Altaf, iMentor NYC

Altaf with mentee Hector

“I was initially drawn to iMentor’s thoughtful, insightful, and structured programming and approach. The organization has created an engaging and effective community of educators, practitioners, mentors, and supporters dedicated to making meaningful contributions to the lives of young people. On a personal level, mentors transformed the trajectory of my life, and to have the chance to make an impact by working with a student was invaluable for me. The experience continues to drive me, and my mentee [Hector] consistently inspires me.”

Austin, iMentor Baltimore

Austin with mentee Coby

"Growing up in Baltimore City, raised by a single mom, I witnessed firsthand the impact that mentors can have on a young person's life. Coaches and teachers were pivotal, guiding me through challenges and inspiring me to reach my potential. When I came across iMentor, what resonated with me was their commitment to empowering students from communities like mine through strong, supportive relationships. The focus on long-term mentoring matched my own experiences of how sustained guidance can truly shape a person’s future."

Brett, iMentor Baltimore

Brett with mentee Kahron

“I knew I wanted insight into what was on the minds of young people and to contribute to their development and shaping their perspective. While I was initially quite apprehensive, I was quickly impressed by iMentor’s ability to learn about you as a prospective mentor and use that to pair you with a mentee that has similar values and interests. After meeting my mentee [Kahron], I knew this was the right opportunity as I was given tools to help develop a rapport with him and support him as he considered his postsecondary pathways. Today, I am overjoyed to have joined the iMentor Baltimore community and know I played a role in shaping our future generation.”

Ekta, iMentor NYC

Ekta with mentee Jamila

“I was researching various organizations that did something similar and iMentor stood out to me, since its mission aligned with everything I believed in. iMentor is such a reputable organization with amazing results, and what really attracted me to it was the fact that they try and help first-generation kids, who need this guidance the most! The very fact that iMentor requires a multiple year commitment said a lot about the organization’s commitment to really make sure the mentor-mentee relationship gets enough time to make a difference! Their website was so informative and had detailed information about the process, which made my decision really easy!”

Haemi, iMentor NYC

Haemi with mentee Yesly

“I knew iMentor was the right opportunity for me when I learned about the thoughtfully curated pair curriculum.  The program is not just about putting two random individuals together and hoping for the best. It is setting the pair up for success – college readiness for the mentee, an invaluable perspective for the mentor, and a lasting friendship and connection for both. iMentor is the only organization I can think of that truly does that.”

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