Results We're Proud Of

At iMentor, we take impact seriously. We equip our mentors to have a big impact on their mentees’ lives and we make sure to measure that impact precisely.

At the beginning of every year, we get a fresh round of data about how our students are faring in college, which helps us understand the impact our program has on college outcomes. Our sample size has grown by more than 1,000 students since the prior year and we are now tracking college outcomes for nearly 6,000 students. We are incredibly excited about the impact we are demonstrating.

iMentor students are enrolling in college at significantly higher rates than their peers. 71% of iMentor students are enrolling in college on time, compared to 52% of students at the most academically and demographically similar peer schools.

iMentor students who enroll in college graduate with a degree at a higher rate than their peers. 48% of iMentor college entrants graduate college within six years, compared to 26% of their low-income peers.

iMentor NYC continues to move the needle. This year 74% of iMentor NYC students enrolled in college, an increase from 66% the previous year. This is 19% points higher than the most academically and demographically similar peer schools in NYC, where enrollment was 55%.

iMentor Chicago’s first round of outcomes are strong. For the first time, our data set includes college outcomes from outside of New York City, where our program was founded. These latest results include our first graduating cohort from Chicago.

We drove up 4-year college acceptances by 30% points in our first year in Chicago. 72% of iMentor Chicago students were accepted to a four-year university, compared to 42% the year before iMentor programming began.

We drove up on-time college enrollment by 15% points in Chicago. 66% of high school graduates enrolled in college on time, compared to 51% the year before iMentor programming began at North Grand High School.

This new round of data is further affirmation that iMentor is helping to close the college completion gap for the students we serve. We are deeply proud of what our students have accomplished with the guidance of their mentors and we can’t wait to see what’s next!