Join the BROmentum!

It started with BROtober, and it’s now grown into BROmentum! BROmentum is about supporting young men across the country on their journey to navigate high school, graduate college, and succeed in life and in their careers. Our mentors stay with students for the long-haul, which holds the potential to create a powerful ripple effect as the young men in our program return as the future mentors, the guides for the next generation of students on the journey to college success.

BROmentum is a movement to increase the number of male mentors in our program. As we expand to serve more students in more places and dramatically improve graduation rates among first-generation college students, we need to grow our mentor community. Our mentors help close the gap between a young person’s potential and his highest educational and career aspirations.

Nationally, women are 1.5 times more likely to volunteer than men. Each year, more women apply to mentor with us than men. Because we create same gender matches, there are male students in our program waiting to be matched with a mentor. We are looking for great men to join the BROmentum movement as mentors to young people across the country. Our mentees are looking for their perfect match in a mentor who mirrors their experiences and their goals for the future. Help us be able to match all of our male students with a male mentor this fall!

Mentor Paul Diamond spoke to us about his relationship with his mentee, Hamlet: "I would say that his impact on me has been equal to, if not more than, mine on him. The friendship that has grown between us feels like it will last a lifetime. He has proven to me that he is an outstanding person and I am impressed with him and how he lives his life. He has been a joy to know and to help him grow."

Think about the male role models in your life: your father, your brother, your teacher, your mentor, your coach, your friends. These men guided you, gave the tough advice, celebrated your successes, shared their own experiences, and shaped the outstanding person you've become. Pay it forward! Join the BROmentum, and bring your bros along for the movement.


Here are three easy ways to join the BROmentum!
1. If you're not already a mentor, join us here!
2. Nominate the phenomenal men in your life here!
3. Share about BROmentum on social media! Copy and paste to your Facebook page (be sure to tag us):
Hi all! I am a proud mentor with @iMentor! We're looking for great male mentors to help guide a high school student achieve their college and life ambitions!

iMentor makes mentoring easy and provides a ton of support. One online communication a week and one in-person group event a month helps put a student on a path towards college success. Because men volunteer at a lower rate than women (1.5 times lower!), we are in need of more men to volunteer as mentors! #BROmentum

Getting started is easy- just go to to fill out the online application and learn more. Mention "BROmentum" in the "How did you hear about iMentor?" question for special events and swag!

Let me know if you have any questions or email Liz at [email protected]! #imentor #beachampion