It's BROtober: Nominate a male mentor today!

What is BROtober?

October isn't just about losing at fantasy football, avoiding the West Village on Halloween, and stepping in sidewalk puddles of unidentifiable liquid. It's about rounding up guys to put the MEN in iMENtor.  

Did you know that, nationally, women are 1.5 times more likely to volunteer than men? This means that, in our 15 NYC partner schools, we're able to pair every female mentee with her ideal female mentor.  But, we're not able to pair every male mentee with a male mentor right away. 

The Need

This year, 6 out of 10 students in our program are male, but only 4 out of 10 mentor applicants are male. We have young men in our schools waiting for someone to steer them toward success. Our schools are full of young men looking for guidance to help them get to college and to succeed. 

So, How Can I Help?

BROtober is all about reaching out to all the men in your life: friends, dads, brothers, significant others, co-workers, neighbors, gym buddies, or that guy on the subway who gave you a seat one time.  

Support our male mentees by doing these three things:

  1. Nominate 3 guys who would make great mentors. Pull out your phone and look at the last 10 guys you texted, there's an excellent future mentor somewhere in there.  Click here to nominate them!

  2. Share about BROtober on social media. Tell your friends about your iMentor experience; let your networks know that there are young men right here in NYC looking for guidance. Click here to download our BROtober infographic and share it with the masses.

  3. Host an info session at your office.  One of the great things about iMentor is that everyone, from our staff to our volunteers, is happy to talk about the impact of our work. Contact our recruitment team to have our team come talk to your co-workers over lunch. Email [email protected] today.