Audrey and Allyson: Blossoming Bonds

When Audrey, a senior at Bronx High School for Law and Community Service, was first introduced to iMentor she thought it would be an overwhelming process. Audrey thought she had plenty of time to figure out her post-secondary plans and assumed the program would add too much to her plate.

Allyson was connected to iMentor by a member of iMentor’s Regional Advisory Board. At the end of the presentation when the Executive Director gave the call to action to join iMentor, she felt an immediate connection and jumped at the opportunity.

“When I heard the iMentor tagline, every student deserves a champion, I just thought to myself, I can do that. I'm doing that every day for my own two kids, my sons and it's in my wheelhouse, and I had been looking for a way to get involved with an organization on a more personal level,” Allyson said. “So, I just thought it was something that I would look into and give a try as a way to make a positive impact.”

Their early messages over the platform were filled with positivity, and they had a natural rapport from the onset. After a few weekly mentor classes, Audrey grew to appreciate the program and trust Allyson.

“It opened up my mind to all the different pathways high school graduates could take. And so, when I first met Allyson, we instantly clicked and I knew that we would have a blast learning about one another, as well as exploring colleges during my junior and senior years of high school,” said Audrey.

As a lawyer, Allyson provided a natural connection point for Audrey, who was considering law school at the time. This common ground allowed them to discuss not only high school and college, but also the intricacies of law school and legal practice. As their friendship grew, they discovered a deeper connection, with Audrey seeking Allyson's support and encouragement for matters outside of school. Beyond fulfilling their basic iMentor tasks, they engaged on a deeper level, extending their relationship beyond the expected responsibilities. Their connection blossomed as they delved into personal and meaningful discussions.

During Audrey's junior year, she wanted to attend a summer program at Syracuse University. Part of the application process involved a nerve-wracking interview. Audrey confided in Allyson, who gladly offered support. They dedicated a Saturday to conducting mock interviews, preparing Audrey for the application. Unexpectedly, Audrey found herself facing two interviewers during the actual session. Despite the added pressure, she showcased her potential, impressing the interviewers and securing both a scholarship and a spot in the program.

Encouraged by her accomplishment, Audrey approached subsequent interviews with confidence, independently securing a coveted college scholarship. “She pushed the boundaries of her comfort zone in order to accomplish this and the next time that she had an interview, it was for a scholarship for college. She didn't come to me for help. She went, she did it, and she got the scholarship,” said Allyson.

Eventually, Audrey knew it was time to start applying to colleges and although Audrey dreamed of going to NYU, she knew she had to make sure there were other options. Allyson acted as a pillar of support when researching colleges and aligning different options with Audrey’s needs and priorities. Together, they tackled the overwhelming college application process.

One of the most enjoyable experiences shared by Audrey and Allyson was their visit to Audrey’s dream school, NYU. As Audrey had never spent much time in Manhattan before, it was a new and eye-opening adventure for her. They embarked on a tour of NYU, exploring the campus and immersing themselves in the West Village. Witnessing Audrey's excitement and discoveries brought immense joy to Allyson.

However, the significance of the trip reached far beyond the fun they had together. NYU held a special place in Audrey's heart as her dream school It was a truly memorable event, as Audrey not only gained insights into the school but also had the opportunity to learn about Allyson's own college experiences. The trip to NYU solidified their bond and marked a milestone as Audrey ultimately gained admission to her top choice, making the experience more extraordinary.

“I've really been enriched by my relationship with Audrey, she adds to my life in a positive way. I really enjoy seeing her growth and just being a small part of launching her into the world,” Allyson said. “It has given me insight into challenges facing communities I'm not part of and how I can help address those challenges in a positive way. The world is so negative right now, so it's been nice for me to be involved in an organization and relationship that's all about positive change.”

Although Audrey and Allyson’s match has been one where goals have been set and hit, they both see their relationship continuing to develop and progress throughout college. Allyson knows she will always be there for Audrey, serving as a reliable resource whenever she needs support. Allyson looks forward to taking her out for lunches or dinners, ensuring their bond remains strong.