Postcards from PSP: Shakira

Our “postcards” series from students in iMentor’s Post-Secondary Program (PSP) continues!⠀

This week, meet Shakira: ⠀

“When I first got to George Washington University, I was super shy and socially awkward. It was a lot to adjust to. But now I feel like I’m on the edge of a change right now. I'm warming up a lot more to campus. I'm really cool with my roommates, my neighbors and some other people in my classes. I also joined the GW Women in Business which is an on-campus club that’s for women in the business school to get a chance to network with industry professionals and attend panel events where we learn about the business world. So, I’m finally getting into the groove of things, which is good.”

Every month, we will hear from several students about how they are faring on their path after high school. For more about the PSP students, follow #TheFirst on our social media channels. ⠀

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