Finding What Drives You: Gabby’s Story

Gabby Spraggins describes herself as a person who is driven by relationships and forming connections with others. This motivation made iMentor NYC a great fit for Gabby as she searched for volunteer opportunities to build long-term mentorships.

Motivating Her Mentee

Gabby was introduced to iMentor through her employer Salesforce, where several colleagues were already paired with mentees. After attending iMentor’s presentation, she was sold. “I was really excited about it right away, especially the opportunity to work with folks in high school,” she says. “That is such a transitional period in our lives where we need a lot of extra support.”

In 2022, Gabby was matched with Ashanty, a high school junior. In fostering this mentorship, Gabby took a “come as you are” approach – meeting Ashanty where she was with her post-high school planning without dictating the path she should take. The two have conversations about what drives Ashanty.

“[It’s] almost like interviewing her about different things in her life, and then watching the glow on her face – people have never asked her these questions,” Gabby explains. “You watch the confidence illuminate in her eyes. I get to be that person she tells certain aspirations to.”

Gabby looks forward to their journey into Ashanty’s senior year and to witnessing the impact the pair has on each other. “Sometimes I find that I walk away from our conversations being so much more similar than we are different,” she reflects. “Watching her feel proud of herself and excited for herself – it is a very rewarding feeling.”

Rallying Her Community

In addition to supporting her mentee, Gabby supported iMentor by running in the New York City Marathon this November. She participated in the race to raise funds and awareness for an organization whose mission she believes in, and to highlight the importance of mentorships.

“Mentorship to me means the ability to trust someone and confide in someone who is not only a role model but who has your best interest [in mind],” Gabby says. “Coaching you and maybe even challenging you. I think somebody who is on the cusp of being an adult is when we need that the most.”

She also used the marathon to bring her various communities together. “When it’s your community cheering you on, a community that you represent – that in itself holds a lot of value,” Gabby remarks. “They can see how much this organization means to me, and [that] goes a long way.”

Learn how you can fundraise within your iMentor community through the iMentor NYC Holiday Giving Challenge! You can also sign up to become a mentor here.