iMentor Partner Profile: James Lick High School

iMentor Bay Area is incredibly excited to launch the inaugural year of our program with James Lick High School (JLHS) in San Jose. JLHS opened its doors in 1950 as the first school in the East Side High School District. Located in the foothills of San Jose, the high school is named after James Lick, founder of the Lick Observatory (located 17 miles to the east atop Mount Hamilton) and boasts many traditions intended to help bring students, teachers, staff and school supporters together. The school has developed a strong emphasis on project-based learning, which focuses on four main pillars: agency, growth mindset, collaboration, and communication. Kelly Daugherty, the principal of JLHS, is a committed community mentor with roots in San Jose who is fully dedicated to ensuring that all her graduates are college and career ready. The school’s vision is to make Silicon Valley success a reality for its students by empowering them to be effective communicators, collaborators, and problem solvers.