A Statement From iMentor CEO, Heather Wathington, Regarding the Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action

I am extremely disappointed at The Supreme Court’s ruling today that colleges and universities can no longer use race as a factor in admissions. This decision undermines the progress that has been made toward racial equity and will significantly stunt the growing number of diverse and historically underrepresented students going to college, especially those who are first-generation, Black, Brown, or Latinx.

While race is just one factor used to determine admissions, what admissions officers aren’t at liberty to see is how race shapes many aspects of a student’s journey to college. When you are first-generation, growing up in underserved areas, race impacts so much of that journey, often presenting significantly more barriers to the student.

Minority and underrepresented students deserve to be on equal footing and have their academic accomplishments and aspirations for the future considered at the same rate as their peers. A diverse campus, inclusive of people from all races and backgrounds, creates a rich tapestry for students to grow and learn from one another and where students can discover that difference need not be a barrier to opportunity nor community.

For this reason and in the wake of this decision, our team at iMentor is even more determined to continue to match first-generation and students of color from our country’s most underserved high schools with caring adult mentors who can help ensure they have every opportunity on their pathway to college, post-secondary success, and economic mobility.