Bay Area Champions Benefit 2017

This year marks our first ever Champions Benefit in the Bay Area! We hope you will join us on Thursday, September 21st at the beautiful 111 Minna Gallery in the heart of downtown San Francisco for a grand celebration. Guests will be treated to an open bar, light nibbles, DJ entertainment, and plenty of fun and games. The evening will be hosted by our Young Executive Board.

We have much to be proud of following our incredibly successful inaugural year in the Bay Area - but we need your help to continue to grow our impact. This past school year, iMentor served 270 students; this fall we will double our impact and serve more than 540 students. Come party with us, learn more about our work, and ensure next year rocks!

For more information or to get your company involved as a sponsor contact: Andrea Somerville at [email protected].

San Francisco, CA
September 21, 2017
111 Minna Gallery
6:30 PM
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Hosting committee

  • Alyssa Del Bene
  • Aaron Lee
  • Bernier Lauredan
  • Christian Ebersol
  • Emily Graff
  • Freddy Brick
  • Jenny Qian
  • Jessie Ho
  • Jim Shaughnessy
  • Kareem Aly
  • Lauren Walson
  • Lindsey Sadd
  • Maria Currier
  • Mary Wilder
  • Matt Atkin
  • Megan Yonkaitis
  • Nick Currier
  • Rachel Itwaru
  • Ryan Guest
  • Timur Meyster
  • Vini Raggio
  • William Perocchi