"Thank You, Berna!"

Camila, who graduated from Bronx Leadership Academy II in 2019, thanks her mentor.

Berna is my mentor and she supported me through my toughest challenges in high school, including passing my geometry Regents Exam. She gave me confidence, telling me that no matter how many times I failed, I shouldn’t give up and there are still plenty of ways I can achieve my goal.

Berna, thank you so much for all the effort, the trips you made to get to me, the time you took to talk to me, all the support to push me to do my best.

These four years with you have been the best, and I hope there’s more to come—all those fun activities we did together were awesome. I’m glad I got to meet a person like you and I just hope that when eventually we stop meeting, or if the program ends, you’ll still remember me, because I’m definitely always going to keep you in mind. Apart from all the help I got from my teachers, you were also there, and I appreciate that so much. Thank you so much.