Stepping Up to the Plate

Alejandro, a senior at the Academy for Software Engineering in Manhattan, was matched with his mentor Abhishek because of their mutual interest in computer science. But when Alejandro audited a class in sports management at NYU, he fell in love with a new career path.

“I play baseball and I’ve always been interested in sports,” Alejandro said, “but I had no idea that sports management was a college major. I wasn’t sure what Abhishek would think when I wanted to explore this as a career, but he’s been nothing but supportive.”

Still, Alejandro had trouble summoning the motivation to check off the hundreds of boxes that are part of the college application process. Abhishek remembered that his first iMentor mentee, Daniel, had experienced the same challenge, and introduced Alejandro to Daniel, who is now in college.

“We went to a Korean BBQ spot, and I found out Daniel had put off college stuff because he was so focused on baseball. He had to kick it into high gear at a really late point,” Alejandro said. “I realized that my applications needed to be done.”

With Abhishek’s support, Alejandro submitted a number of college applications, including, of course, one to NYU. “What I appreciate most about Abhishek is how he has supported my new career interest,” Alejandro said. “Abhishek doesn’t have all the answers, but he’s going with me on the process.”