Phi Theta Kappa Graduate on Path to Medical Forensics Career

As a newcomer to the U.S. and a student at North Grand High School in Chicago, Daylin Amaya faced some basic challenges, such as learning English and completing her schoolwork in a new language. She not only graduated high school, but also earned a spot at her top choice school, Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago.

Celebrating Amaya's high school graduation
From left: Susann Gilbert, Amaya Daylin, and iMentor program manager Kevin Finnegan celebrating Amaya's high school graduation in 2017

This summer, Daylin will graduate from Arrupe College with an associate’s degree in social and behavioral science. She plans to continue her studies at a four-year college and aims to become a medical examiner.

Daylin’s mentor, Susann Gilbert, a longtime Citi employee, was the first person Daylin spent prolonged time with who did not speak Spanish. Through the monthly iMentor meetings with Susann and through texting and talking together on the phone regularly, Daylin was able to practice speaking English and, over time, she became fluent. Susann also helped Daylin research colleges, made visits to schools with her, and and even accompanied her to an admissions interview with Arrupe.

“I strongly believe education is the only thing that will give everybody a fair opportunity at getting jobs,” said Susann. “I’m really proud of Daylin. She has overcome so many hurdles—it’s unbelievable. She takes advantage of every opportunity for advancement she is given, and improves herself continuously.”

“Susann is really lovely and supportive. I know she’s always there and always trying to help me,” said Daylin.

Celebrating Daylin
Meeting up after Daylin completed her first semester in college

At Arrupe, Daylin attended school full-time while also holding down a part-time job. She continued to receive support from her mentor on everything from how to write papers to how to deal with stress as a student. “I see now that high school was easy,” said Daylin. “The writing papers and the level of math and science in college – I was really stressing out, and Susann really helped me a lot. Now I don’t stress so much, but I do my best.”

This spring Daylin was inducted into Arrupe’s Phi Theta Kappa honors society. She celebrated with her family, and of course, with Susann.

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