iMentor Seniors are Celebrating College Signing Day!

Over the past few years, we have watched and supported the Class of 2020 as they have worked towards their goals. Recently, we have been awed and inspired by the resilience and tenacity of these students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, on College Signing Day, we congratulate the seniors in our program as they commit to schools and prepare to step into the experiences of college.

Below are some of many success stories of iMentor seniors across the nation who have received college acceptances. To all the seniors, congratulations on a job well done! We are excited to see what the future holds for you.

Ivan, an iMentor Chicago senior, will attend United States Military Academy at West Point. Ivan is excited to go to college and progress toward his career goals.

Alondra and Victor, iMentor Bay Area seniors, were accepted into San Jose State University on the same day. Their mentors Ally and Habid have been proudly cheering them on during the entire journey.

Meet IIliana, a senior at iMentor NYC who received seven college acceptances. Illiana’s top choice is SUNY Buffalo, and she hopes to study fashion marketing.

Meet Hugo, a senior with iMentor Bay Area who was accepted to University of California Santa Cruz. He is the first in his family to be accepted to college and has also received acceptance letters from five additional schools.

Esmeralda, a senior at North-Grand High School in Chicago, was accepted by five schools and is planning on attending the Indiana Institute of Technology this fall. Esmeralda wants to pursue a degree in engineering.

Mariah, a senior in the Bay Area, was accepted by Sacramento State University. Her mentor, Suzanne, is so proud of what she's accomplished.

Meet Andre, a senior from North-Grand High School in Chicago. He has been accepted by six colleges. His top choices are Indiana Tech and Columbia College. Dakarai, his mentor, set up ongoing pair expeditions last fall to make sure Andre was successfully navigating the college application process.

Meet Daniel, a student with iMentor Bay Area who was accepted into San Jose State University. Daniel is excited about going to college and continuing his education.

Meet Belem, an iMentor Chicago senior who will attend Stanford University. Belem is excited to experience college in a different state and new environment.

Edgar, an iMentor Bay Area student, accepted an offer to attend the University of California at Berkeley. Edgar is excited to go to college because it brings him one step closer to reaching his career goals.

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