Caleb's New Ambition

When Caleb joined mentor2.0 at Big Brothers Big Sisters in East Tennessee, he found an ideal mentor in Josh, who could relate to his high energy level and love of laughter.

During his first two years of high school, Caleb had no interest in pursuing college. It wasn’t until the end of sophomore year that Caleb began asking his mentor about college. “I felt really encouraged that the seeds we had planted with Caleb over the past two years were finally starting to grow,” Josh said.

In one of the mentor2.0 lessons during Caleb’s junior year, students were asked to write about someone who inspires them. Here’s what Caleb wrote:

“I know one person who has graduated from college, and that’s my mentor Josh. He is hilarious, strong, smart, and extremely inspiring. I am not sure exactly what challenges he faced but I’m pretty sure he fought and killed a dragon. Dragons are tough to kill, and he killed it with his wit, which is INSANE! In all seriousness, Josh is an amazing mentor. He continuously has me strive for greatness... He is my biggest role model.”

As he nears the end of his junior year, Caleb will be pursuing his new dream of going to college to become a marine biologist.