Why Mentor Johannah Is Taking on the Chicago iMentor Challenge

Mentors all around the country are rallying their networks to join the iMentor Challenge, our annual, community-driven fundraising campaign.

As the last year has painfully reminded us, inequity is amplified in crisis. The impact of COVID-19, remote schooling, and the struggle for racial justice have converged to create profound hardships for iMentor students. Our students need the reassurance that despite the disruption to their daily lives, we stand by them, no matter what. Whether it’s helping our students pay for test prep, college courses and books, or even a housing deposit, we need to come through.

Mentors in Chicago are working together to fundraise for the Chicago iMentor Challenge, not only because they are driven by the vision of their mentees’ long-term success, but also because mentees need all the support they can get to defy the hurdles this crisis brings.

Today we spotlight Johannah Brady, a mentor in Chicago who has mentored two students and is participating in the Chicago iMentor Challenge. Johannah shares with us a bit about her relationship with her mentee, Abby, why she’s participating in the Challenge, and how she has successfully encouraged donations from her network. Don't forget to check out Johannah’s fundraiser!

Tell us about your relationship with Abby.

Abby and I both share a love for Funfetti cake and philosophy. I am regularly inspired by her self-awareness, her tenacity, and her work ethic. We regularly use the iMentor app to chat about life.

What inspired you to participate in the iMentor Challenge?

I have witnessed the incredible impact of iMentor and have a desire to see it continue to change lives. I’m inspired to keep introducing the program to more folks in my network through the iMentor Challenge. It’s exciting to watch my community come together and support a cause I care so deeply about.

How are you encouraging others in your network to donate?

I’ve reached out to about 50 people in my network via personal text. I shared my experience with the program, a link to my Classy page, and an offer to follow up via phone if folks had any questions for me. I’ve written thank you cards for everyone who donated.