iMentor NYC Interviewed on BronxNet TV

iMentor NYC was recently interviewed on BronxNet TV to discuss how the program is making an impact on high school students across the city as they prepare for postsecondary success. Taylor Lewis, iMentor’s Associate Director of Corporate Recruitment Partnerships, and Garrett Martinez, Enterprise Sales, Amazon Web Services and iMentor Ambassador, spoke about the uniqueness of the iMentor model that demonstrates the power that one-on-one mentorships can have on a young person’s life.

“One thing that differentiates us from other mentoring organizations is our whole-school model. Whenever iMentor NYC partners with a high school, we commit to working with every single student in that school, regardless of GPA and postsecondary applications,” Taylor explains. “About 83% of our iMentor NYC students go on to immediately enroll in college after high school, compared to the city average of about 61%. This goes to show that if we want to make big change in our city, we have to be doing this work at a really large scale.”

Garrett, who has been a volunteer mentor since 2021, has worked with two different mentees in the program and values how dedicated iMentor is to making a meaningful match between a mentor and mentee. “One thing that’s pretty special about iMentor is their pairing strategy and how many data points they go through [when matching pairs together],” he says. “You’re spending multiple years with this student, so your mentorship goes beyond the curriculum and goes on to form a real relationship.”

Watch Taylor and Garrett’s full interview and learn how you can join iMentor: