iMentor Joins Partnership for New York City in “We ❤ NYC” Campaign to Inspire New Yorkers

iMentor is proud to work with the Partnership for New York City as part of WE ❤ NYC, a two-year civic campaign led by New York Governor Kathy Hochul, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and the city’s business, labor, and community leaders. The campaign will showcase the city’s strengths and inspire New Yorkers to get involved and keep New York the capital of the world.

Left: Jen Mongiori, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Partnership for New York City; Krista Njapa, Senior Director of Mentor Engagement, iMentor NYC

iMentor is grateful to have been nominated for this opportunity by Stephanie Van Damm and the Corporate Social Responsibility team at EY, who have been dedicated to promoting volunteer opportunities and civic engagement in partnership with the mentoring organization.

“iMentor’s impactful program connects our people to mentoring opportunities that are well structured and include support and guidance,” said Van Damm, US-East Corporate Responsibility leader at EY. “Because of iMentor’s commitment to corporate volunteering, at EY we have been able to enlist 100 mentors in the NY metro area. Our people love the program and remain committed to their mentees. iMentor is best in class and EY is proud to team with them!”

“iMentor NYC is responsible for recruiting 1,500 new mentors into our program every year, a number that is continuing to grow as we expand our school partnerships to serve even more New York City students. We can only recruit at this volume because of our incredible partnerships with organizations like EY and Partnership for New York City,” said iMentor Senior Director of Recruitment Krista Njapa.

“One of the most amazing things about living and working in New York City is just how much love can be seen in action. The Partnership For New York City and the We ❤ NYC campaign embodies the transformative power of bringing the private and public sectors together in service of the greatest city in the world. We are truly grateful to be included among the partners in this campaign."

Njapa represented the organization at the WE ❤ NYC launch at Father Duffy Square in Times Square, an event that featured remarks by New York Governor Kathy Hochul, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and a performance by Anna Uzele, the lead in the Broadway show “New York, New York.”

Governor Kathy Hochul kicked off the event by speaking about New York City’s recovery from COVID-19 and the need to improve the city’s subway numbers and get restaurants back to being as full as they were before the pandemic.

“NYC was knocked down so hard [by the pandemic]. This is our chance in the post-pandemic world to define how we met [COVID-19],” Governor Hochul said. “This campaign isn’t just a slogan and logo, but a spirit that needs to come alive in how we come together.”

Mayor Eric Adams echoed the governor’s calls for a return to normalcy as subway passengers and restaurant patrons return to their former numbers. He went on to encourage the spirit of resiliency within New York and commended New Yorkers on their ability to bounce back from COVID-19.

“Nowhere else can you walk through the streets and see such a diversity of restaurants and hotels,” said Mayor Adams. “Our resiliency showed the entire country what we're capable of doing.”

In its first eight weeks, the campaign will establish partnerships with both public and private organizations such as EY and iMentor that will help ensure NYC stays one of the most exciting places to live and work.