iMentor Baltimore Hosts Basketball Game Between ACCE and BDS

On May 10, iMentor Baltimore hosted its inaugural basketball game between its partner schools The Academy for College and Career Exploration (ACCE) and Baltimore Design School (BDS). Fourteen iMentor students participated from both schools in a friendly game of competition and community-building. The basketball players wore t-shirts designed by students in the program.

"The primary goal of this event was to create a safe space where people can come and have a sense of community. We felt that far too often students don’t get enough time to just have fun, without specific agendas or outcomes,” says LaToia Lyle, Supervising Program Manager at iMentor.

“We were lucky to enough to have about 60 people come out, and that included mentors, ACCE staff members, students and their families, including parents and younger siblings,” LaToia continues. “Two of the things that we are most proud of is the sportsmanship that was displayed between the students from both schools and the friendships that were made as a result of the game."

We congratulate ACCE on their wins and wish everyone luck in the rematch next year!

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