Celebrating Women's History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, iMentor wanted to hear from our community about the women who have inspired them. We posed the question, “Who is a woman in history who has inspired you, and how?”

Our community members highlighted women who ranged from family members to Olympians and have served as leaders, role models, and pillars of support. Their stories remind us of just a few of the vast number of invaluable contributions the woman in our life have made, both large and small. Check out some of the reflections below:

Andrea Mcknight (Mentor)

Andrea Mcknight

Someone that inspired me while I was in High School was my English teacher, Miss Anna Castillo. She really took the time to invest in me and teach me how to properly proofread papers and she stayed after school to go over different types of books. She is really what motivated me to stay in school and eventually go on to college.

Devario Johnson (Engineering Director, iMentor)

Harriet Tubman (Credit: Craig James; https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/legalcode)

The impact on the lives and the generations of people that Harriet Tubman had—leading individuals out from the slave trade, through the Underground Railroad to freedom, and going back and continually doing this—is extremely meaningful to me. It shows me that you can continually put yourself in harm's way to help others, regardless of what happens to you, because people are all the better for it.

Track was a sport I competed in, and it was amazing to see Allyson Felix over the years of her dominance. What was most inspiring to me was seeing her as a mother, coming back after having a baby and still competing at the highest level, still be at the top of her game.

Johnny Celestin (Mentor)

Johnny Celestin

I'm really excited to celebrate Women's History Month, and want to give my mom a shoutout. My mom has been a great inspiration, model, and pillar of support for me, so I want to celebrate and say hello to her!

Missey Bibo (Operations Coordinator, iMentor)

Left: Emma Bibo and Missey Bibo

Let me introduce you to one of my sisters! Emma is 17 and she’s a star! She graduated high school a year early (pictured here), is currently in college, and is the lead costume designer for a local theater in Palm Springs! She’s eight years younger than me, but she’s my hero. 💖

Rachel Wyncoe (Mentor)

Rachel Wyncoe

My mom inspires me because she's always been such a great role model that has worked really hard to support me and my family. She is great at her job while also being a great mom.