A Student's Voice: iMentor Partner Programs

A strong mentor-mentee relationship is the foundation of our program. Pairs with a strong bond engage more effectively with our curriculum and show growth in nurturing college aspirations. Poetry is just one of the tools our pairs use as an entry point toward building their relationships. Our students compose an “I Am From” poem to introduce themselves to their mentor and give a glimpse of what defines them.

I am from East Boston

From volleyball & soccer

From pupusas & panes rellenos

I am from a comfortable & Latino home

From Elsa & Equiledo

I am from quinceañeras

I am from Emerald Garden

I am from safe, security, & apartments

I am from quiet & calm

I am from happy, fun, loud

I dream of going to MIT

-Anonymous, student, iMentor Partner Programs - BBBS Greater Pittsburgh