"Now I gotta look all cute and presentable"

At the beginning of her senior year, a student at Union Square Academy was matched with a new mentor. New relationships can often have slow starts, and Destaysia was particularly averse to meeting her new mentor for the first time. The following is a series of text message exchanges between Destaysia and her Program Manager, Paula.

Paula: Destaysia, your mentor is coming to school tomorrow
Destaysia: Why is she coming, im not going to be in school tomorrow
Paula: To meet you before the first event
Destaysia: I got something to do Paula
Paula: Ok we will find another time

The next week

Paula: Hey are you good to meet Stephanie this Friday for lunch?
Destaysia: ughhhh. I should be lol Now I gotta look all cute and presentable. Lol


Destaysia: Paula tell Stephanie dont come cause I’m not in school today. Dont feel well. Sorry


Paula: She said she will come in for lunch Monday. Does that work?
Destaysia: Paula really on a Saturday. Its my day off. Lol and sure monday works
Paula: Me too! But ok great. See you both Monday

Monday after lunch with her mentor, Stephanie

Destaysia: Miss. I F**** love her. Lol she amazing she gonna come on the college trip next week with us KK bye
Paula: I’m so glad to hear it!
Destaysia: :) :) awesome. Im btaa take a nap. Lata Paula

New beginnings can be intimidating, but Stephanie and Paula didn't give up on Destaysia. After finally meeting up in person, Destaysia loved getting to know her new mentor! Most pairs meet in-person once a month, but since this exchange in October, Destaysia & Stephanie have met each other in-person a whopping 8 times!

Whether you're a volunteer mentor or an iMentor student, you might be nervous about meeting your match for the first time. Or you might be having a slow start to your relationship. Some students immediately open up to their mentors and some take a bit longer to warm up. Destaysia was in the latter camp. We encourage mentors to not put too much pressure on the first few weeks (or even months) of the relationship, but just to show up consistently and lean on their Program Manager for support and guidance.

Stephanie did exactly that. She and Destaysia are living proof that when you stay consistent with an open mind, great things can happen.