How to succeed in the midst of change

Most iMentor students are matched with just one mentor for the duration of their time in our program. Occasionally though, volunteer mentors need to leave before they can fulfill their commitment. Change isn’t always easy, especially for a teenager mid-way through their journey from high school to college. This was exactly the situation that mentee Rosi found herself in.

As a sophomore, Rosi found herself distracted in school and her academics suffered. When reflecting on this with her mentor, she realized that she didn’t want to miss out on future opportunities because of present-day challenges. They decided together that Rosi would use her junior year as a chance to start fresh and turn her performance in school around.

But life threw Rosi a curve ball. Her mentor of two years received a job offer over 1,700 miles away from New York City and had to withdraw from the program. Disappointed and directionless, Rosi wasn’t sure how to move forward. She wanted a plan and needed guidance.

Welcome Leighann! As a new mentor, Leighann entered their match excited and positive. “Leighann capitalized on Rosi’s comfort and openness with her. They quickly got the Out of Program (OOP) form signed and began meeting to work on resumes, visit colleges, and study for the SAT,” reports Jeffrey, the pair’s program coordinator.

Rosi and Leighann have met ten times this year—an incredible achievement when you consider that they have only been matched for six months. The pivotal moment in their relationship happened on a visit to Vassar College. Inspired by all that Vassar had to offer, Rosi redoubled her efforts to improve academically. She decided to shoot for straight A’s and take the SAT II’s!

Brimming with pride, Rosi sports her Vassar sweatshirt at school all the time. She continues to work closely with Leighann as she strives to earn A’s in all her classes.

Rosi’s open mind and Leighann’s consistent, proactive approach are key components to their success. Their story demonstrates that mentee-mentor pairs can thrive together even when life is unpredictable. Every experience in iMentor is unique, but the elements to a positive outcome are often the same: consistent support, open-mindedness, and a willingness to tackle goals together.