Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Manhattan Bridges High School

At iMentor, we do our best work in partnership with individuals and institutions that share our vision. And in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we spotlight one of our school partners – Manhattan Bridges – whose work in the Hispanic community is changing the outcomes for students from low-income communities and guiding students on a path to college success.

Manhattan Bridges is a small New York City public high school lauded for its transitional, bilingual and dual-language educational programs and has been an iMentor school partner for five years. The school has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the 2016 Best High Schools in New York, ranking 23rd within the state and 142nd nationally and earning a Gold Seal. Manhattan Bridges High School offers AP courses and engineering and computer technology programs.

With 94.3% graduation and 76.9% college readiness rates, Manhattan Bridges has a track record of success in supporting students who face a unique set of academic challenges during their transition into the American educational system. Most of Manhattan Bridges students have been in the country for less than three years and are working to learn English. The school is committed to assisting students with maintaining the richness of their native language and culture; celebrating the individual differences of students; and providing students with a sense of their place in our greater community.

Over the past decade, Hispanics have made significant achievements in educational attainment. The Hispanic high school dropout rate has declined and the high school graduation and college enrollment rates have increased, both reaching record highs. Manhattan Bridges is among the schools helping to narrow the educational gap for this community.

“It’s been an amazing opportunity to work with the students at Manhattan Bridges” says iMentor Program Manager Josie Bergin-Ko. “High school students face a lot of challenges this day in age; our Manhattan Bridges students included. But their commitment to learning and the school’s commitment to them puts the students on a road to reach their fullest potential. Manhattan Bridges is a great partner school for iMentor because they believe in providing students with the resources and support they need to succeed, including pairing them with iMentor mentors.”

Watch a success story that features 2016 Manhattan Bridges graduate Elianny, who was paired with an iMentor mentor, Sarah.