Statement on Verdict in Derek Chauvin Trial

iMentor Community,

Our hearts are with the family of George Floyd and with the Black community. We are grateful that accountability for the death of George Floyd prevailed; and yet, nothing can bring him back to his daughter and loved ones.

We know that there is no true justice until all of us commit to and work together to dismantle the systems of white supremacy. As a nation, we are still waiting on justice for Breonna Taylor. For Eric Garner. For Rodney King. For Emmett Till. Because yesterday Makiyah Bryant was killed at the hands of the police and Daunte Wright the week before that and Adam Toledo last month.

We are still waiting on justice for so many Black and Brown people who lost their lives because of a justice system that too often does not hold police accountable, that perpetuates racism woven into the fabric of this country, that does not value Black lives as equal to others.

Today we move forward, standing in solidarity with Black students, mentors, and staff at iMentor. And we draw inspiration from the courage and accomplishments of the students we work with. We believe that education and mentoring can be the most powerful tools for students to develop agency and build authority over their own lives. This is true in individual mentoring relationships. It is also true that, at scale, work like ours plays an important role in disrupting systemic inequities in our education system and our communities.

We ask that mentors connect with their mentees this week and seek to listen and understand. We call on members of this community to join us in renewing our commitment to creating a more equitable system for students of color. For immigrants and other vulnerable groups. For all.

Jana L Reed
Interim CEO