Join the 2021 iMentor Challenge

This month mentors across the country will be taking part in the iMentor Challenge, a fundraising campaign driven by our mentors and their friends, families and colleagues to help young people achieve their ambitions.

As the last year has painfully reminded us, inequity is amplified in crisis; the impact of COVID-19, remote schooling, and the struggle for racial justice have converged to create profound hardships for iMentor students. Our students need the reassurance that despite the disruption to their daily lives, we stand by them no matter what.

By taking part in the iMentor Challenge, you will join hundreds of other supporters who are investing in:

  • A redesigned curriculum for remote learning
  • Meeting urgent student needs
  • Sustaining 1,000 new mentoring relationships
  • Advancing racial and educational equity

With your help, we can have an outsized impact on our students' ability to remain on track to achieve their aspirations. Join the iMentor Challenge and help ensure that we can provide more students with mentors each year.