An open letter from iMentor Bay Area's new Executive Director

We are incredibly excited to announce that Felix Flores, Jr. has joined the iMentor team as the Executive Director of our Bay Area region! Felix comes to iMentor after spending almost 20 years in educational and non-profit leadership positions for organizations like Yes We Code and Genesys Works. He also spent time as the Director of Alumni Scholarships & Student Engagement at the University of California Alumni Association. His passion for our mission stems from being a first generation college student himself and understanding the unique challenges our students face daily in their pursuit of post-secondary success. Below is an open letter that Felix wrote to all members of the iMentor Bay Area community.


I am excited to join the iMentor team and help further our impact in Oakland and San Jose. Being a first-generation college graduate myself and with nearly 20 years in education and nonprofit service, I understand that the power of mentoring is an incredible agent for social change. Mentors have the power to influence lives that will change the level of success in our students' communities and our collective future. Thank you for your sharing your talents and experiences with Bay Area youth. Our students will benefit from your guidance as they navigate high school and pursue post-secondary success.

During these unsettling times, our differences should spur dialogue rather than be a source of our divide. Acknowledgement of privilege can further conversations and lead to greater equity and inclusion. I believe the power of mentoring will play an impactful role to help generate empathy and further unite our country. Your work with iMentor will positively impact our communities for generations to come. For that, I am grateful for your commitment.

Go be great,

Felix Flores, Jr.
Executive Director