Achieving our Ultimate Goal: College Success

iMentor’s 2016 Impact Report is out and we have results to celebrate. Our students continue to enroll, persist, and complete college at higher rates than their peers. Most notably, through a rigorous peer group analysis, we learned that iMentor students in NYC enroll in college at a 25% higher rate than their peers at academically and demographically similar NYC schools.

Over the course of our 17 years and 26,000 relationships, we have refined our approach to helping students be successful on their college journey. Through the strength of the relationships forged between our pairs — 87% of students trust their mentors — our students are outperforming national averages around college success.

For example, 66% of iMentor students are enrolling in college compared to the national average of 52% for students from low income communities. In addition, 77% of iMentor students are persisting into their second year of college (compared to 72% of college students nationwide). And most promising, 49% of iMentor students are earning a degree within six years (compared to 26%).

We are always inspired when we can use quantitative data to validate the efficacy of our programmatic work. Still, to understand the holistic impact of our program, it is equally important to hear from our students in their own words. Here's what Denisse, an iMentor Chicago student, had to say about the benefits of having a mentor, a committed champion, to support her in high school and onto her first year of college, "The way I think about college is so different now. I used to think there was no way I could go. My mentor actually changed my mind. I now know there are scholarships and financial aid, and there is always going to be an opportunity for you as long as you go for it.”

Our work simply wouldn't be possible without the committed champions who give so generously of their time and resources to support our program. We hope that you feel proud of what we're accomplishing together.

Read the full 2016 Impact Report today.