iMentor partners with public high schools to match each student with a college-educated mentor for three to four years.

How does it work?

We partner with high schools in low-income communities, where a majority of students will be first-generation college students and match every student in a school with a college-educated mentor, who commits a minimum of three years to a single student. Mentoring pairs have the option to continue their relationship through college completion.

  • Every Student

    We match every student in a school with a college-educated mentor, committed to working with them for a minimum of 3 years. 

  • Research-Based Curriculum

    Our curriculum guides pairs through the college-going process and supports the development of non-cognitive skills needed to succeed in college and beyond. 

  • Weekly Class Sessions

    Each week students and mentors connect online to complete the curriculum lessons for the week. 

  • Monthly Events

    Mentoring pairs meet monthly to discuss the curriculum topics aimed at building strong relationships. 

  • Staff Support

    A full-time staff member is assigned to each partner school to teach the weekly iMentor class and provide pair support.

What our Leaders are Saying

  • Seung C. Yu

    Seung C. Yu

    Principal, Academy for Software Engineering (AFSE), NYC

    "Because of our partnership with iMentor, our students don't just believe they're going to college, they are actually enrolling at higher rates. Through our mentorship program, we have surrounded our students with more than 400 adults who are focused on helping them achieve their dream of graduating college. The program has had a hugely positive influence on our school culture."

  • Jason Nault

    Jason Nault

    Principal, North Grand High School, Chicago

    "From the start we felt confident that iMentor would be a great partner because they customize their program to meet the college and career goals of students and they are intentional about how they match students with mentors. We haven’t been disappointed. iMentor brings a new level of excitement over the college process to our school."

  • Kimi Keane

    Kimi Keane

    Superintendent, Aspire Public Schools, Bay Area

    "We are excited to partner with iMentor because we believe that every student we serve can and will graduate college with the support of a mentor. There are many challenges on the road to completing college, especially for first-generation students, but we're starting early to help them plan for success."