Highly Anticipated Moment Arrives for Mentees Eager to Meet Their Mentors

November 30, 2012 - 5:08pm
Mentor Stevi Petrelli and her mentee Andreina pose for their first picture moments after meeting.
Mentor Stevi Petrelli and her mentee Andreina pose for their first picture moments after meeting.

After a few hesitant moments looking across the crowded school cafeteria, a broad smile broke across one student’s face as she recognized her mentor walking through the door. Up until now, they had only exchanged a few emails, and both were a bit nervous to meet in person for the first time. This is the experience that newly-matched students and mentors at iMentor partner schools across four New York City boroughs are having.

At Manhattan Bridges High School, Stevi Petrelli, a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, said that talking over e-mail with her mentee Andreina in the days leading up to the first iMentor event made her even more eager to meet the teen, who is a freshman at the school.

“I feel like I already know a lot about her so it’s exciting to put all the details and background to a face,” she said.       

Xavier Segura, an account director at AppNexus and mentor to Ojay Virgo, a junior at the High School for Service Learning at Erasmus, said that he is looking forward to working with Ojay to define the smaller steps he needs to take in order to achieve his larger goals, one of which includes becoming a doctor.

“I was fortunate to have a lot of role models who could help me get to where I wanted to be,” said Xavier. “I hope that I can help Ojay with tactical ways to get to his big aspirations—and what that means on a day to day basis for him.”  

Latisha, also a junior at the High School for Service Learning at Erasmus, and her mentor Aura Posner, a senior manager of Global Finance Training at Morgan Stanley, discussed Latisha’s academic interests and what they might translate to in college.

“Latisha has interests in music and writing, so we’ll be doing research on schools with strong performing arts or English programs,” said Aura. Latisha, who was unsure about whether to apply to college before being matched with Aura, now knows it’s the right path for her.

“I was really excited to meet my mentor Aura,” she said. “I want her to help me learn more about the outside world, and my options.”

Mentees also had the opportunity to ask their new mentors about their lives and careers. Michael, a freshman at Manhattan Bridges High School, wanted to know how his mentor Andrew Barbaccia decided to become an engineer, and how he got into undergraduate and graduate programs. Mentors, in turn, got the chance to ask their mentees how classes are going and suggest a few positive study habits that worked for them in high school.

We warmly welcome the 4,800 participants who have recently joined our program and are just starting the multi-year relationships that will allow them to work together toward outlining and achieving these goals. iMentor is proud to be hosting more than 170 mentor-mentee events across four boroughs in New York City this school year.

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