Employees of Blue Ridge Capital Make a Generous Gift to iMentor in Memory of Alice Griffin

December 18, 2012 - 11:54am
Employees of Blue Ridge Capital Make a Generous Gift to iMentor in Memory of Alice Griffin

iMentor is humbled by generous donations from employees of Blue Ridge Capital made in memory of the late Alice Griffin, mother of Blue Ridge Capital’s president and iMentor’s board chair and founder, John Griffin. Mrs. Griffin, a former professor of literature, drama critic, and author of eleven books on theater, is remembered by her family, friends, and colleagues for her love of teaching and learning and her accomplished career as an educator.

Blue Ridge Capital employees said in a statement, "Alice Griffin was a wonderful lady and a lifelong mentor to John [Griffin] and therefore to every member of Blue Ridge. Her passion for learning, strong moral compass, and unwavering commitment to teaching have shaped the firm's culture and ethos. To honor Alice, every employee at Blue Ridge has made a donation to iMentor in her memory."
The Blue Ridge Capital Employees who generously donated to iMentor in memory of Alice Griffin are: Jeffrey Alvarez, Richard Bello, Robert Bottali, Grant Bowman, Dean Brown, Alisa Butchkowski, Michael Cairo, Zachary Canonico, Jada Carlson, Yuqing Chen, Molly Conlin, Angelo Crupi, Nicholas Danaher, Peter Daneker, Maria De Leon, Natalie De Munnynck, Sean Dobson, Gerard Falcone, William Ente, Joel Florian, Kimberley Foreman, Jessica Gebhardt, Christopher Golden, Meri-Leigh Hollowell, Lauren Hallam, Rachel Humphrey, Igor Kaplan, Helen Kim, Sergio Lagunes, Michael Leighton, Johnny Liu, Jeanine Lombardi, James Loughlin, David MacPhee, Steve Marks, Andrew Marks, David Marshall, Sharon Martin, Trina McCray, Brian Murray, Tery O'Malley, Stephen Pakutka, Diana Petrassi, Deborah Quarless, Heather Rosenberg, Tony Ryan, Christina Salvatore, Tom Scully, Richard Selsky, Jonathan Seltzer, Adam Shooshan, Roni Silver, Carter Brooks Simonds, Brian Smith, Homer Smith, Patricia Stevens, Katie Wenner, Eric Wong, Christopher Woolford, and Joanie Zeng.

iMentor is honored to receive Blue Ridge Capital employees’ tribute to Alice, which will go toward furthering iMentor’s commitment to ensuring more students city- and nationwide have access to higher education.

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