About the Platform

The iMentor Platform enables you to manage all aspects of your partnership, from email communication with mentors to real-time program data and evaluation. It can be branded and customized for your organization, and iMentor provides full-time maintenance and support including a help desk. With our technology, you can be purposeful and efficient about managing your iMentor program.

Your Network

View screenshots for Log-In, Online Applications, and Member Profiles.



 View screenshots for Automated Matching features. 



View screenshots for Email Accounts and Address Book


Resource Database

View screenshots of the Platform's Resource Database.



View screenshots of the Platform's Online Calendar



View screenshots of the Platform's Online Profiles for all participants. 



View screenshots of the Platform's Customizable Survey tool. 



View screenshots for the wide range of reports the Platform provides for monitoring participation and managing quality in your mentoring program, including: Email Tracker, Email Log, Event Trends, Pair Rater, Partner Site Email Analysis, Master Participation Tracker, and Support Tracker.


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